After a long hiatus, I’m welcoming myself back into the blogosphere! I wasn’t able to update this blog in over a year because 1. I lacked inspiration to do so 2. for half a year, I was caught up in tourism work, both field and office, and 3. of other personal reasons. I recently left my office job and now I’ve got lots of free time – most of which I devote offline. Lately I realized how much I missed blogging (and talking to myself through this blog). In fact, I made a list of topics I want to write soon about: makeup and skin care products and routines, as well as my pen calligraphy work and perhaps a little about travel posts. I deleted few of my previous blog posts and currently working on fixing some where pictures are missing. And this might take some time. Anyway…

For my ~comeback~ post, here’s the mini birthday photo shoot we did.

I really missed having photo shoots so I told my photographer friend Hartzell that I wanted to have one few days before my special day. Indoor shoot is what I prefer than outdoor shoot so I was glad we were all set in Omeng’s studio. I wore my favorite turtle neck top, overused skinny jeans and slightly dirty Keds, which I was actually not supposed to be wearing for the shoot. Oh well. Since it was a fun shoot, professional photographers Omeng and RJ joined in and took some shots of me. I absolutely loved how the shots turned out!

Ari @ 24
Ari @ 24

For my pre birthday celebration, I spent it with college friends, singing at the top of our lungs in a KTV bar and the next night, with my friends from work, having pizza and night swimming. The actual day of my birthday was spent with my significant other, playing with our dog Taffy, shopping and eating lots of food. On a Sunday, I was finally with the fambam and we had a simple lunch out.

I feel like I’ve grown up so much (though I get constantly excited about small things and easily distracted by the next exciting thing) that I prefer celebrations to be simple. You know, no big parties where there is too much socializing and stuff. Just the things and people that truly matter in life. Or this might be just the introvert in me being so strong and real. lol

Anyway. Hope you had an awesome weekend!



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