We spent eight days in Tokyo, Japan last November. That may seem like a long time but a week was not enough for us to see everything in Tokyo. Nevertheless, just being in Tokyo was an amazing experience! It was both our first time so that makes it even memorable! (See also: Touchdown Tokyo)

For the first two days, we went around Shinjuku and experienced Tokyo Disney Sea. Since it was almost winter time, it was freezing cold in Disney Sea and I was not wearing layered clothes! But I was able to get through it. 😀 We capped off such a nice night at Hooters back in Shinjuku, where our hotel was located. There are lots of pictures I wanted to share through this blog post but I thought why not make it different and share a video diary this time instead? 🙂

So here’s a little video recap of our Tokyo trip days one & two! Always best to watch it in HD, guys! I’m so glad that I finally got to edit and publish the video. (Took me how many months before actually starting to edit it though, lol) Hope you enjoy it! And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my channel! 🖤

Stay tuned for part two coming soon! 😉




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