• InMy Life Journal

    How I spent my 25th birthday

    Exactly a week ago today, I turned 25. My birthday celebration was nothing grand but it was definitely one of the happiest birthdays I’ve had. I’m just so grateful to the Almighty for this another year in my life and for Read more

  • InThings I Love

    My new apartment

    I was wide awake last night fixing my blog and hit the sack at almost 5 am just this morning. The alarm woke me up at 10 am. Five hours of sleep was already enough and I was trying to feel energized for two events today. Little did I know both got canceled! Oh well. I thought I could use the whole day to chill and work on my blog. Mighty glad I did! 

    There have been recent changes made on my webspace since I’m back to using Jetpack. I organized everything, edited pictures that I used on all of my posts (I’m also still in the process of migrating them one by one to my Flickr account) and redid some posts one more time so everything goes well with my blog theme. Medyo OC lang! Hahaha! I’m like 55% done but at least! My previous posts from 2014 down to 2012 are currently in drafts. Will just find another time to continue. Read more