It’s that time of the year when we look for a new planner to use for another year to come, and while most people I know are excited about getting their hands on the limited Starbucks planner, now with leather sleeve (and which I liked by the way), I am contemplating on getting either another Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a different color of course or an A6-sized notebook from Rhodia brand. I’ve already watched some videos of the latter on YouTube and the notebook’s a little smaller but not as small as my pocket sized Filofax that I had before.

Here’s my Leuchtturm1917 journal I got earlier this year:

I am quite surprised that I’ve never shared about this notebook before here on my blog though. And my small Filofax, ever. Oh well.

Being able to freely and carelessly write on something is essential for me so I opted for Leuchtturm1917 notebook as my new planner. It actually has subtle grey dots instead of the usual printed lines as a guide. All my notes and lists, even expenses tracker are kept on my bullet journal and it’s also where I practice calligraphy and attempt to doodle. hehe! So it’s not just a planner where I schedule my day or week but where I also keep slightly personal stuff. Although, I have to admit that I’ve not been consistent in using and planning on this current one because 1) since my notebook’s hardbound and an A5 size, which means it’s kind of a big notebook, I’m not able to carry it around with me as much as I want to. It would just add weight to my already heavy “everyday” bag. Haays, when will I ever master the art of carrying light! Also, 2) there really are times I get overwhelmed to the point of not wanting to do anything with it. Maybe because it’s my first time doing bullet journaling.

Nevertheless, I’ll still be using a notebook and a bullet journal as my planner system for 2018 because, I swear I’m having so much fun with it as I can do whatever I want to without pressure and judgment. It’s like keeping a diary as well. But this time, IT WILL BE my real diary too, especially now that I’m inspired to start decorating my weekly pages with polaroid shots and with quick day stories. Isn’t it nice to keep life events and memories in a place that’s not online? 🙂

How about you – what planner are you getting for 2018?



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  2. Your planner looks adorable! I’m always so envious when I see pretty planners because I can never achieve that, haha. I’ve tried paper planners so many times but always resort back to my digital calendar.

    • Thanks, Claire! 🙂 I try keeping a digital planner too, while having a paper planner at the same time, just to get a quick overview of monthly events, sans daily to-dos. I use Google calendar app on my phone as it perfectly syncs with my laptop every time. Although, honestly, having a combination of both kinda feels too much sometimes! Hehe

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