I was wide awake last night fixing my blog and hit the sack at almost 5 am just this morning. The alarm woke me up at 10 am. Five hours of sleep was already enough and I was trying to feel energized for two events today. Little did I know both got canceled! Oh well. I thought I could use the whole day to chill and work on my blog. Mighty glad I did! 

There have been recent changes made on my webspace since I’m back to using Jetpack. I organized everything, edited pictures that I used on all of my posts (I’m also still in the process of migrating them one by one to my Flickr account) and redid some posts one more time so everything goes well with my blog theme. Medyo OC lang! Hahaha! I’m like 55% done but at least! My previous posts from 2014 down to 2012 are currently in drafts. Will just find another time to continue.

This post is meant for me to share about my new apartment! Yay! It’s not new as in new. In fact, it needed TLC. So I’ve redone every corner of it. I’m renting at 910 Medina Studios in the Arts Quarter… of the SIMS 4! Bet I gotcha! Hahahaha! I don’t even have my own apartment in real life LOL. I bought the SIMS 4 City Living expansion pack last July when it went 50% off! Told myself not to buy it until my birthday but I guess I was too excited to wait. Earlier this week, I thought I’d finally share my SIMS game addiction with you on my blog and now here it is!

In the SIMS 4 City Living expansion pack, there are four quarters districts: the Arts Quarter – beloved by musicians, artists and all manner of creative types, Uptown – the luxurious heart of the city, Fashion District – home to the Romance Festival and GeekCon and lastly, Spice Market – a family neighborhood famous for its Spice Festival, Flea Market and dockland views. I chose an apartment in the Arts Quarter because it’s what my SIM could afford. If I were to have my own apartment someday, I would like it to be studio type only because I really don’t like living in big spaces!

My apartment has one tiny bedroom and bathroom. My weekly rental is 400 simoleons (SIMS game’s currency) with a deposit fee of 500 simoleons. Okay, now I’m sharing pictures of my SIM’s new apartment! But before that I want you to meet my SIM (her name’s Arianne, too, because that’s me as a SIM Haha!) living in San Myshuno City. These are my clothes for every occasion – casual/every day, on my wedding day, gym session, party with other SIMs and to the beach!)

Arianne the SIM
Arianne the SIM
Arianne the SIM
Arianne the SIM
Arianne the SIM

And now onto my apartment tour! Here’s a view of the Arts Quarter! My apartment is on the highest floor and there are two other apartment units on the same floor. You’ll also see the top view of my apartment in a bit. It’s a really tiny one but I’m living alone so that’s just fine. The next pictures show you my living room, kitchen, my bathroom (I still have to change its dirty tiles and walls but my SIM has to work harder for a bathroom makeover soon. πŸ™‚ ) and the last but not the least, my bedroom!

08-18-17_7-17-37 PM
08-18-17_7-16-45 PM
08-18-17_7-07-49 PM
08-18-17_7-09-03 PM
08-18-17_7-10-45 PM
08-18-17_7-10-57 PM
08-18-17_7-11-15 PM
08-18-17_7-11-59 PM
08-18-17_7-12-22 PM
08-18-17_7-12-44 PM
08-18-17_7-15-23 PM
08-18-17_7-15-51 PM
08-18-17_7-13-14 PM
08-18-17_7-13-55 PM
08-18-17_7-14-13 PM
08-18-17_7-14-29 PM
08-18-17_7-14-53 PM

This is the view from my bedroom! πŸ™‚ And that’s all for my new apartment tour! Let me know down below if you play any of The SIMS game, too and what expansions you’ve owned! I’ve played all four – The SIMS, The SIMS 2, 3 and 4. I remember how I was very addicted to the first SIMS game and bought The SIMS Vacation, Unleashed, and Hot Date expansion packs! They were more affordable back then! But it’s also because my parents bought them for me. Hahaha! Now I’m the one saving up for how many months before I could buy another one. Who’s excited for Black Friday sale?! I AM! πŸ˜€

Back to work now. Hope you enjoyed my mini apartment tour! Talk to you later.




  1. Hahaha, I love this post!! It makes me want to load up my Sims games now. I think I live in the Spices Quarter and looooove food market there! I’m still on the hunt of find the perfect apartment to replace the Maxis built ones because I’m extremely picky with my houses and the Maxis built apartments aren’t doing it anymore #simsproblems.

    • Very late reply! but thanks, Claire! Hmm you can always “bulldoze” the apartment space anyway, which I’ve done for a few SIMS households, and build walls however you like it to recreate your own apartment space πŸ™‚

  2. Yani! Nainis ako!! Hahaha! Kainggit yung sim mo!! πŸ™‚ Natempt tuloy ako mag laro uli!

    • Hehehe! Hindi ka naman na clickbait? πŸ˜„

      Sana soon makahanap na… And sana sabay na tayo nyan!

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