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My cutie pie turns three
– This entry was in my drafts and forgot to publish it on time but here it is! And let’s just pretend I did not forget.

For Taffy’s 3rd birthday, I wanted to celebrate it by having buffet lunch at one of our (TJ and I) favorite places to eat: Crab Factory! I don’t think a lot of people know this place but if you are looking for unlimited seafood goodness, you might want to check it out! It’s located at Prime Square II, Torres Street. After lunch, we went to Yoh Froz, Taffy’s fave yogurt place, for her yogurt treat. Obviously 🙂

Since today’s a special day, I think it’s a perfect time to also share a little about Taffy. Oh, this little thing that makes me immensely happy without her even trying. ♥



  • Her name is Taffy. Just Taffy. I know dogs that have long names and that their humans give them their surnames! LOL. Actually, I first named her Koffie because of her darker brown color before. But I didn’t like how people who would call her pronounced Koffie so I had to change it. As much as I wanted to name her Barbie, my close friend Lyka already had a poodle that was just the same. Then I remembered Life In The Dreamhouse web series and Barbie’s was Taffy. It sounded pretty and my dog IS pretty, too, so it just suits her! 😉
  • She is a full bred Shih Tzu and she’s 3 years old today, July 20, 2017. I got her as a surprise from TJ on the day of my birthday. ! Needless to say, I was the happiest girl that night.
  • I swear Taffy’s the most clingy dog in the world. She loves being with me all the time. She’s like my shadow. She follows me almost everywhere! Haha! She wouldn’t get out of bed when I don’t. She likes snuggling with me.  She barks when somebody tries to get near me or talk to me! She’s the most excited when I come home. She makes me crazy sometimes. But she is the sweetest dog ever.
  • She’s been spoiled too much. Hehe. She’s like my own and I treat her like mothers treat their child. I also get paranoid. (I’m one crazy dog momma!) I always try to bring her anywhere I could – in a shopping mall, restaurant, and to another city. Just recently she traveled with me and TJ to GenSan (for the second time around!). How I wish all places here in Davao were dog-friendly just so I could take her with me every time. When we’re going out-of-town for how many days, we just have her checked in at a dog hotel just so somebody could look after her. Super spoiled bebe.
  • She literally smells good and could stay that way for a month (no kidding) even with no shower since we usually keep her indoors. Of course, I bathe her when I need to in every two weeks at least. But also, once every month, she gets groomed at Designer Dogs Davao. Taffy’s hair grows fast so I always request the groomer to do her a puppy cut.
  • She behaves when there’s human food on the table. She’s not the kind of dog that climbs on chairs or tables when she sees our food. She knows if it’s hers or for her. We feed her Royal Canine (Mini Adult variant) kibbles because she likes it more than Vitality. She’s always crazy for yogurt but doesn’t enjoy tasting Yakult.

That’s pretty much about my dog, Taffy!

To my most treasured gift – my furry baby, happy birthday! My love for you will forever grow.




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