Inquick update

I’m using my Tumblr blog again


A quick blog update! But first, let me take a selfie! 😉

Yesterday, I was with the boyfie to meet with his mom around downtown and we had a scrumptious dinner at Caffe Antoccino! We ordered grilled chicken alfredo, salmon potato salad, chicken cordon bleu and chicken kiev (my favorite!!) with mashed potatoes. I was too hungry to take pictures of our food 😢 but this is my side of the table…


hehe! If you want a cozy and quiet place with such goooood food, Caffe Antoccino is a place to be! It’s located along Guerrero St., Poblacion District, Davao City.

Anyway, I’m actually using my Tumblr blog (again), which I’ve had since July 2010! It’s really easy to post there so for quick updates, and when I can’t think of a title for my short post or because it doesn’t even need one, I gladly update on Tumblr. I also connect my Instagram there just in case I do another Instagram “cleanup” lol because the last time I did that, I regretted deleting those posts but I was relieved to see those memories on Tumblr. Anyway. I found a really nice theme for my mini blog slash photo diary. Feel free to check it out ♡ and NO I will not be asking you to follow my Tumblr blog but! if you wanna, go ahead! Or say hi, perhaps ask (anonymous???) questions or whatever!




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