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Highlights of My Year 2016

A blog of moments by Arianne Buenviaje
– at Shibuya, Japan last November

2016 is my most favorite year so far. I’ve had a number of travel adventures, built genuine relationships and rekindled a few, collected not just stuff but also memories, and experienced the unexpected – like a snowfall in Tokyo! πŸ˜­πŸ’– Here’s a look at some of my favorite moments & posts in 2016!

another messy hair don’t care

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In the beginning of last year, I somewhat re-vamped my look by daring to go for a blonde hair. Though I always wanted a very light shade, I never imagined that it would look good on me. Hair colorist Buddy Congson did all the wonders from the highlight to balayage, which I realized was last year’s trend, and I was immensely happy also because my wavy mane is back! I’ve never been more in love with it!


The party I planned for her birthday didn’t push through but I still made it special by baking her a cake (yep, all by myself). I’m happy to see my furbaby healthy and so pampered. πŸ˜€ Call me biased but I think she is the best looking shih tzu I’ve seen.


In November, I started my own YouTube channel and uploaded my first ever video on how I do my everyday makeup look. Editing videos is so much fun! I’m currently using Cyberlink PowerDirector. The previous software I used to edit videos with was Windows Movie Maker! Hahaha. Ang tagal na! I was still in high school and was kinda addicted to making videos for fun (actually,PowerPoint ata ang kinalabasan ‘non. Hahahaha) If I wasn’t up for The SIMS game, I’d be playing around with that WMM. Yes – video editing and video games ‘yong kinaaadikan ko dati. And now, I’m back at it! Except for the latter. Anywho. Give me some love by subscribing to my channel! x


#Arianneventures 🍁

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Two places I never thought I’d visit very soon. It’s been two months now since our Tokyo trip and I still can’t get over it. AND IT EVEN SNOWED WHEN I WENT THERE!!! It was not expected around that time. In Tokyo, snow usually starts falling in December. Been wanting to experience snow since forever!!! SO AHHH… I FELT SO LUCKY BECAUSE THAT WAS MY DREAM COME TRUE❣️ I can’t wait to go back again!




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