The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) has finally launched their Giving Journal 2017, which comes in four different colors – rose, purple, gray, and turquoise. I love pink so obviously I had to get the rose journal! The radiating heart on its cover symbolizes the individual’s capacity to spread goodwill, through acts of love and kindness.

Similar to the Starbucks planner, this journal is hardbound and its pages (papers) are thick enough to write on. This is actually combined planner and journal where you schedule appointments, organize daily tasks, as well as write about your experiences, thoughts and feelings on the spacious Notes pages. Inside, there’s also food and drinks coupons. For all CBTL lovers out there, this journal’s especially meant for you!


In every Giving Journal being redeemed, you support the Real LIFE Foundation’s mission of giving their scholars a brighter future and the education they’ve always dreamed about.

Can’t wait to get your hands on CBTL’s journals? Go to your nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today, enjoy a cup of coffee and start collecting all 12 stamps. Let me know which color you got!



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