Places to go, People to see


Some of the places I’ve been to. ✨ YAS to #Arianneventures!
P.S. All posts under this category are still to be updated. Keep checking back!

Sharing with you few snaps of one of my favorite beaches in the Philippines: Dahican beach in Mati, Davao Oriental. No filter needed for this natural beauty actually. But I just thought I’d play around with my newly purchased Lightroom desktop presets and I absolutely loved how these turned out! Presets I used for these photos are from Corinth Suarez’s San Andres Collection (they’re still on sale, guys!) and I found myself using that particular preset bundle on almost all of my beach vacation photos when I also got other LR presets I could use. LOL. Needless to say, it’s my faaaave! ❤

Here’s a little video recap of our first two days spent in Shinjuku and Urayasu. Ah, my heart is full just reminiscing our recent Japan trip. ^_^

It was autumn and nearing winter when we got in Tokyo Japan last November. And I thought the timing was perfect since it was my first time to land my happy feet in Japan and to experience real autumn season 🙂 Although I was really wishing hard for a snow day! And guess what? It did snow! (Stay tuned for video part two!) From the moment we landed in Tokyo, I was on cloud nine and all excited to wander the city for one week. Instantly, I fell in love with the place and if only, of course, I’d never want to leave. 🖤

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