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    My dog has pyoderma

    My dog Taffy’s been licking her belly and scratching other parts of her body nonstop! Seeing weird spots that looked like scars made me so worried so I took her to the vet today and her doctor said she has pyoderma, Read more

  • Inquick update


    Say hello to my fat face! The only thing that’s fat. This is why whenever I do my makeup, I make sure I always contour. Not during this time though kasi nasa beach lang naman! But I did my kilay (always has to be on fleek no matter what), put on CC cream, sunscreen as well! and a lip & cheek tint from Fairy DollRead more

  • Inquick update

    Finally, a new domain name!

    After how many months of pondering, I finally came up with a new name for my personal space on the interweb and it’s something I feel I could stick with for years ♥ From, it’s now! This is still the same blog though, just a new domain and new look! Although I’m still looking for a really nice theme that I like and am willing to spend $$ on. And oh! This is still a personal blog and will always be. 🙂 Read more