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    Bye bye Balayage. Hello Black Hair!

    If you didn’t already know, I went from balayage to all black hair! And boy do I feel brand new! 😀 It’s actually my natural hair color. Hehehe. I know it isn’t an exciting color at all, but I was so ready and happy to finally go back to it after seven long years! My inspiration for going dark are Shay Mitchell and Carli Bybel ❤ Here’s a short video showing my new hair: Read more

  • Inquick update

    New Year. New Planner.

    Bitter sweet goodbye to 2017. Hello and cheers to 2018!✨

    It’s a new year, new day, new journey. It also means new planner for me! Yay!

    The planner I’m using for this year is the Rhodia soft cover dotted notebook. It’s actually a notebook where I’m doing bullet journaling. Actually, I recorded an unboxing video of my new notebook but haven’t gotten around to editing it yet. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll just do a flip-through of my bullet journal when it’s all filled up!

    In my previous blog post, I shared that a bullet journal system works best for me because it lets me write freely and carelessly! I never thought I’d enjoy bullet journal as much as I do now. It somehow motivates me to get my shit together. I’m hoping I will be more consistent with it this year since the Rhodia I got is smaller and lighter to carry around with me inside my bag when I’m out and about!

    Yes, that is CBTL Philippines’ 2018 Giving Journal, which instead of me giving it away to a dear friend or relative, I’m keeping it this time. Documenting life events, especially special moments with people that matter, is always a nice idea. And I just want it all in a separate space, offline


  • Inquick update

    My dog has pyoderma

    My dog Taffy’s been licking her belly and scratching other parts of her body nonstop! Seeing weird spots that looked like scars made me so worried so I took her to the vet today and her doctor said she has pyoderma, Read more

  • Inquick update

    #TheSims4CatsAndDogs is here! AAAH!!!

    The long wait is over! Finally, I got the newest expansion pack of The Sims 4 game. Yay!!! Btw, my user ID is aribuenvi if you wanna be friends with me! Haha! The base game is currently updating and the Cats & Dogs expansion pack is on my download queue. I can’t wait to explore Brindleton Bay and add pets to my SIMS household! Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my fourth load of laundry… I never thought doing laundry could be so much fun! Hehe! Anyway. TTYL.