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    How I spent my 25th birthday

    Exactly a week ago today, I turned 25. My birthday celebration was nothing grand but it was definitely one of the happiest birthdays I’ve had. I’m just so grateful to the Almighty for this another year in my life and for Read more

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    My cutie pie turns three

    – This entry was in my drafts and forgot to publish it on time but here it is! And let’s just pretend I did not forget.

    For Taffy’s 3rd birthday, I wanted to celebrate it by having buffet lunch at one of our (TJ and I) favorite places to eat: Read more

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    Week In The Life

    – photo taken by my dear friend, Jeric who is definitely enjoying SG right now

    Blogging is my favorite pastime. It always makes me feel 100% better. And the best thing about this is I get to decide how much I want to share.  I remember how I would regularly update my blogspot when I was still on It was always a Dear Diary kind of thing. Talking to myself, enjoying the liberty of writing whatever floats my boat while not caring who would read it (or if anybody ever even would!), or how my blog stats performed.  Needless to say, this blog exists because I like oversharing about my life so I could one day go back and read all memories and events that happened. And no matter what, I will always gladly keep this blog personal. ♥

    Read more

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    Say hello to my fat face! The only thing that’s fat. This is why whenever I do my makeup, I make sure I always contour. Not during this time though kasi nasa beach lang naman! But I did my kilay (always has to be on fleek no matter what), put on CC cream, sunscreen as well! and a lip & cheek tint from Fairy DollRead more