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    Wavy mane

    My hair used to be really thick and wavy. In my early elementary years, mama would do tight pigtails and ponytails with my hair and I hated it so much because my scalp would hurt after. When I reached 6th grade, I told her I wanted to have it straightened, which was then called “hair rebonding“. When I went to college, I had it permed. My hair became dry and brittle and no matter how many straightening process it went through, it never looked healthy. Apparently, I did not know how to take good care of my crowning glory. Read more

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    My First Filofax

    I just bought my first ever Filofax!!! AHHH! I still can’t believe that she’s mine! ♥ Did you know I saved up for months just to have this baby? Now you do. Haha! Needless to say, it’s an expensive one but this isn’t just any other notebook. Filofax makes great quality products and are built to last like Louis Vuitton bags! And when you own one, you won’t have to keep on changing planners every year since you can always switch the inserts (pages) instead. Saves you a lot of money! 😉 Read more

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    My 2015 Kate Spade Planner

    I’m a sucker for beautiful notebooks and stationery. And recently I found myself to be spending most of my time looking for new ones. For this year, I finally decided on which planner I’d like to have and it’s the Kate Spade agenda in gold dots, which sold out so quickly by the way. I thought I’d wait a bit longer since it ships from the US but I actually got the parcel earlier than I expected. So happy it finally came! The only thing I find I don’t like about Kate Spade notebook though is that the gold dots do fade easily. That’s why I bought a plastic cover to keep the gold. But everything else is perfect especially now that I’ve decorated my planner! Read more