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    My new planner for 2018?

    It’s that time of the year when we look for a new planner to use for another year to come, and while most people I know are excited about getting their hands on the limited Starbucks planner, now with leather sleeve (and which I liked by the way), I am contemplating on getting either another Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a different color of course or an A6-sized notebook from Rhodia brand. I’ve already watched some videos of the latter on YouTube and the notebook’s a little smaller but not as small as my pocket sized Filofax that I had before. Read more

  • InThe Sims 4 Speed Build

    Family Apartment Renovation

    The 19 Culpepper House at Spice Market district in San Myshuno City! ♡

    P.S. Video is best viewed in 1080 HD.

    What do you think of this speed build? Hit “thumbs up” if you liked it!


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    My new apartment

    I was wide awake last night fixing my blog and hit the sack at almost 5 am just this morning. The alarm woke me up at 10 am. Five hours of sleep was already enough and I was trying to feel energized for two events today. Little did I know both got canceled! Oh well. I thought I could use the whole day to chill and work on my blog. Mighty glad I did! 

    There have been recent changes made on my webspace since I’m back to using Jetpack. I organized everything, edited pictures that I used on all of my posts (I’m also still in the process of migrating them one by one to my Flickr account) and redid some posts one more time so everything goes well with my blog theme. Medyo OC lang! Hahaha! I’m like 55% done but at least! My previous posts from 2014 down to 2012 are currently in drafts. Will just find another time to continue. Read more

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    Baby One More Time

    If you didn’t know, I’m along time low-key Britney Spears fan. I remember not missing any of her music videos before and buying cassette tapes

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    Bits + Pieces

    Sharing with you a list of my favorite things without needing to say anything more. Hope you’re all having a lovely Monday!

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