Yep, that's always with a double N. Spell it right and I'll love you forever! ♡ When I'm not busy creating websites, I revel in The SIMS 4 game. I have an odd obsession with notebooks and a clingy shih tzu named Taffy.

The long wait is over! Finally, I got the newest expansion pack of The Sims 4 game. Yay!!! Btw, my user ID is aribuenvi if you wanna be friends with me! Haha! The base game is currently updating and the Cats & Dogs expansion pack is on my download queue. I can’t wait to explore Brindleton Bay and add pets to my SIMS household! Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my fourth load of laundry… I never thought doing laundry could be so much fun! Hehe! Anyway. TTYL. Always,

It’s that time of the year when we look for a new planner to use for another year to come, and while most people I know are excited about getting their hands on the limited Starbucks planner, now with leather sleeve (and which I liked by the way), I am contemplating on getting either another Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a different color of course or an A6-sized notebook from Rhodia brand. I’ve already watched some videos of the latter on YouTube and the notebook’s a little smaller but not as small as my pocket sized Filofax that I had before.

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